Production Process

Process for Production of Sports Clothing

“Everything is easy when you know how to do it”

Product Development

At the beginning there is an idea, designing a new product. Followed by endless editing editing, prototyping and testing in practice. The finished cut is converted into an electronic form, all sizes are tested and the model is added to the collection.


The business case is agreed. Design approved. We will now insert and customize your design together with the logos to each model size.


Graphic is not printed directly on textile but on paper. Reverse. From one piece of print only one piece of future product. We use the latest plotters that have automatic print quality monitoring to ensure the highest print levels.


The color from the paper sublimates into the fabric to form the desired pattern. This requires a higher temperature and contact time.


The latest generation of laser equipment scans the pressed pieces and then cuts along the outline. Without human intervention. Exactly and quickly.


We need a number of different sewing machines to complete the product. Products are made in different ways of sewing, each has its function for proper functioning of clothing. For example, flatlock elastic pants do not push you as much as with an overlock. The seam can also serve as an aesthetic complement to the product.


We will check everything thoroughly. For example, 35 manufacturing operations are required to make a jersey. We control not only aesthetic appearance, but also technical and technological quality. Products are labeled with instructions for proper use and maintenance.


Shipping companies will deliver the finished products. We look forward to you using them. We wish you lot of happy kilometers with them.

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